ORAA - Application Tour              
 for the main menu move your mouse over the icon (mobile device click icon)
Tour the ORAA-TE (online routing and approval - Time & Expense) application.
This quick tour will give you a flavor for the online application's routing, coding and approval functions.
To get started using the application you will address -
The Organization - Manage root organization defaults and flags. The concept is the parent of the organism. There is only one organization even across applications (A/P and T&E). It establishes the fundemental operating defaults. Only a few users should have access to the organization tables since changes there have global impact (requires user admin level one).
Companies - Create active companies including default coding and approval templates. You can create as many templates in the future as you require.
Time Related - Select time periods and establish employee/vendor period and time types.
Users - Add users and set admin levels and access rules on a company level as appropriate for the users role.
ERP Syncing - Sync using CSV files where the files serve as an intermediate medium to facilitate syncing. The description sounds more complex than it really is. Essentially, data is exported from one app and imported by the other app.
This will get you started. You can add & modify as necessary as you use the application.