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We offer this complete and effective business tool to capture, route, approve and upload time and expense activity in an effective, efficient and inexpensive manner.

Only $5.00 per user per month with the standard version.
Don't be mislead by the low price - this tool delivers.

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Entirely web-based - nothing to download or install
  • 100% web-based, this multiple company, multi-user application is accessible by authorized personnel anytime from anywhere.
  • Across town or across the continent - users/coders/approvers have secure access.
  • Your data is stored securely and backed-up daily.
  • Single-source twice over - single application code base (indeed single instance) - single data source so everyone is using the same data.
  • We handle the security, backups, and updates.
It's all about visibility
  • Know status real-time. Imagine no more lost time cards or expense sheets! It is truly a collaborative, interactive and highly visible process.
  • You have a single source of data. No worrying about who has the latest information - everyone has it.
  • Extensive logging and comment is used and available throughout entry, coding and approval processess.
  • Time sheets and expense reports are always visible and searchable by staff. Lost activity is eliminated by the very nature of the process.
Source document storage and association
  • Associated documents & scans can be saved to cloud storage by application processes.
  • Associated and ancillary documents such as time cards, receipts can be uploaded to the repository and associated with an activity and therefore become visible to all parties to the coding and approval process.
  • Documents stored by the application are also accessable by common cloud storage client applications.
Mobile capable thruout the application
  • Now fully mobile enabled - should you have a need, or just a hankering, to use your phone to crunch a few numbers!
  • You can do everything with a phone or tablet that you can with a desktop device - viewing documents (primary and attachments), coding (g/l) and approval (approve, reject, redirect) - another release from the office tether.
  • Additionally, time entry is supported both online and offline by most internet capable devices running chrome 30+.
Unlimited routing and approval options
  • Comprehensive coding & approval tools, rules and template options.
  • Approval routing is largely automated once data is entered/submitted and can be scaled to as many levels and be as complex as you need it to be.
  • Templates can be created to default G/L coding and approval routing to maintain work/company rules and simplify recurring needs and generally simplify the process.
  • Granular user, access rights and approval management built-in.
Multiple company and ERP types supported
  • STANDARD - Use CSV files to sync both account (look-up) data and entered data via an intermediate media (cloud storage) - it is well supported by most ERP (back-end accounting) systems.
  • That may sound foreign or difficult or time-consuming - it's really quite easy to do and quick to accomplish - you and your staff will be accomplished at it after the first few times using this method of syncing.
  • You already have an accounting system, we leverage that for you.
  • ENTERPRISE - Account (look-up) data can be queried live and valid and approved data collected in ORAA can be uploaded to your back-end system on demand.
  • Pre-proccessor or other intermediate tables existing in your back-end system to receive external data uploads are used by default to upload ORAA data.
  • Note - availablilty of live querying depends on the type, access and availability of your back-end system.
Security, support compliance and accountability
  • Uses the latest industry standard 2048 encryption in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to prevent unauthorized access to information in transit.
  • Each user is authenticated by credentials that uniquely identify them to the system.
  • User roles and project rights assignment control user acccess.
  • Simple user substitution and replacement methods for changing user roles and employment.
  • Comprehensive logging provides details of user and device activity.
Centralized repository, process logging, policy enforcement and simplified access all contribute to support compliance and accountibility.
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What it costs:
Standard Pricing - $5.00 per user per month.
Monthly billing for the number of active users times the base monthly per user rate - no additional fees.
There are no set-up fees. The service is month-to-month and you may cancel at any time. The first month is free!
Sign-up to try it free for 30 days - then subscribe to continue to use it.
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